Pumping gas & politicians

Who in government is spending more on what and why are we still pumping gas?

Generally speaking as far as government and politics and their “parties” go, the republicans generally hold to a platform of military industrial complex expansion and its inherent protections and the democrats generally hold a platform of welfare expansion and its inherent protections. One way or another they seem as though protecting us. This could be considered a little too general for most and a little unfair, but stay with me on this, I’m not trying to get you all fired up on the routine political rhetorical side-taking, I am only trying to briefly illustrate something through a little theory and imagination. These subjects are far more completely in many other forums as well as a plethora of books and need not be gone over in-depth here. I presume many of you who read this article have already explored the same thought on the subject and have come to similar general conclusions.

A little theory:
When a generally open society* finds a superior new technology, by way of real research and  development*, superior to the established technology, one could presume this new technology would either replace, or compete side by side with the old technology as certain “old” technologies have a huge infrastructure that would need replacing, or still better yet, the old could be used but in a more focused part of the market, such as freight services. The engineers and others employed in the old technology who move to the new technology would be retrained along with being integrated with those who are already employed in the new technology and its development. This open society could also retool and retrofit some of the unused factories of the old technology as they become less necessary by market needs, and begin anew with the improved technology.
Hence, technological competition naturally occurring through choice allowing, through a truly open free market economy, a more natural evolution of utility in products. Older technologies could still have use in more specialized areas and may not need phasing out completely, just improved upon until they are found unnecessary by the market and completely phased out through demand and the discovery of diminished utility. The true open market could decide this eventually anyways and would need no government intervention and their inherent “protections”. Thus allowing for the natural phasing out of the antiquated technologies’ source of energy, such as the need for so much reliance on oil and the wars that are fought over it. The military industrial complex that surrounds todays’ artificial ‘need’ for oil would be largely unnecessary, so long as society was responsible enough to keep their government in check and under control. We would have no more excuses to go searching for monsters around the globe at the cost of human lives and so much of our resources which would be better employed toward  the further advancement of  humanity.

Consider for a moment how much money it takes to fight a war, let alone the amount of lives lost, and think of how many times you may have heard someone respond negatively to an inquiry about why we cannot desalinate sea water and bring lush plant life to desert wastelands in, say, Africa. The general response I have heard far too many times is: “It costs too much.”
Really?! Ok, I digress a little. But I think I make a great point here about status quo thinking.

Back to the general topic.
With these advancements one could hardly imagine, so long as one truly thinks critically and subjectively on the subject, a need for a welfare state as well as global protections by the military industrial complex, when under such circumstances competition would perpetuate the need for more employment in research and development as well as all other classifications of employment necessary for industry.

We could spend more life, time, money and energy on fighting less and advancing humanity more.

*By “generally open society” I mean a society whose government is very much limited in its powers and a free enterprise economic system is truly in place. Not the mockery of a “free market” which we have today.
*By real research and development, I mean unencumbered by the controls and protections of corporate monopoly or political and union manipulation.

Check this example of breaking the rules a little. Would you buy one if something like this was available? Not only should this be made available but upgradable and so well made that you did not have to waste money as well as resources replacing the entire car. Just upgrade and modify to fit your needs.


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