Tsunamis of Taxation, Inflation and Subjugation

As I awoke to the very sad news about the tsunami that hit Japan the morning of March 11th 2011, I was already on my way to putting this article together. After I saw the news I decided to make an attempt at a metaphor connecting the natural disaster of the tsunami that hit Japan to the economic storm that is growing off the shores of the entire world’s economic and political systems for some time. I am not attempting to trivialize the devastating effects of a tsunami nor any other natural disaster. I only intend to put our current ongoing financial crisis and the sociological disorder which culminates from economic instability into perspective.

It is my intention to illustrate the illusory methods of monetary policy and taxation and its relation to you and your future, and more importantly, how it will determine the future for posterity. I will post other articles as time allows. Please forgive any errors in my ability to illustrate my whole point here, this subject ties to so many societal issues that it is a cumbersome task to qualify all my points without writing and entire book. This will be a study in progress.

The Laws connected to this system and their perversions live in a symbiotic relationship with monetary and economic policy. For more on the subject of Law I have provided a link to an article by F. Bastiat at the end of this blog. Please take the time to read that as well.

What does it mean to you when you hear a political leader issue that the government is only going to “tax the rich” to raise revenues? With exception to the contemporary philanthropic delusions of forced redistribution of wealth that we are intellectually subjected to daily by various media forms, is coercing more and more money from a particular group of people and “distributing” it to other people, after the agents involved take a cut for their own use, truly a good thing? Do you think the government needs more money, regardless of where they get it? Are you convinced that we will benefit from government growth as well as any so-called redistribution of wealth?  By robbing anyone we all pay the price one way or another. Over taxation results in inflation. Inflation robs those who are most vulnerable to it: the poor.

The illusion

The fallacy you typically hear in support of ever-increasing government taxation and government intervention of all society’s everyday business through regulation and protectionism is effectually summarized by simply stating that the government needs more control of the disasters that it is itself causing. I am not arguing that there is no need for taxation at all, I am arguing for a controlled limited government with no ability to tax arbitrarily. I would contend that this is nearly impossible so long as our government allows the monopoly of “money”. Many argue today that it is the so-called “banksters” who control everything, and this is only true on the surface. The government allows this so-called “private” monopoly of money creation because they partner with the central banking system in the quest for complete control over the economic movements of the world. So I would say that the gangster-bankers and the gangster-government partnered in a joint effort of monopoly of the legal system, property and central banking system, through the mechanisms of the money monopoly cartel they created in 1913. When things go wrong and cannot be hidden from the people they simply use the divide and conquer game and blame each other in front of the media, all the while behind closed doors making deals and shaking hands gaining power. So long as the people governed argue among themselves out of ignorance and the fallacies fed to them by the perpetrating partners in crime, the government and the banks win, gaining more and more property as they go. Think of it this way: If you control the money supply and in conjunction, all “property”, you control everything, and have everything to gain by the ability to create the rules as you go.

I often wonder about those who argue the case for more socialist government institutions. What do these types gain? Why would they do it? That is what many ask. It’s simple: when you are an insider, you have power. I suppose when you have power over others, you have control, and with control, you have security as long as you are able to keep your subjects under control.

Many people, politicians as well as the general population, are seemingly confused and corrupted by their own avarice, ignorance and bias. They may also be corrupted by the benefit they may receive by the establishment they argue for.

Media‘s Role

The fallacies in conjunction to the bias in contemporary media are typically in support of socialism, this in turn engenders ignorance of financial and economic matters among the general population. The theories that the media monopoly use to illustrate the current economic and monetary policies are fundamentally socialist and rarely allow exploration toward any other train of economical thought. I would contend that the perversions of socialism permeate nearly every avenue of media, including the internet. Media fallacies and bias are subversive to any real critical thought toward true solutions on the subject of economic and monetary policy. This also results in a sort of overall flaccidity of such thought as most people can see the absurdity in current policy, but cannot pinpoint the real cause, leaving the economic and monetary problems to the “experts” and “authorities”. People know something is wrong, but out of ignorance and/or sloth, leave it all to the experts on T.V. to manage everything, only to complain about the results of the “solutions” employed later when the results mean a lower and lower standard of living. The policies I mention here are not limited to any particular political party, they are ultimately shared policies, but presented to the people as differing platforms. (If the platforms of the Republican and Democrat “parties” are so different in their ideologies, why then do they share the same ideology toward money and economic controls and spending? One spends on military expansion and intervention, and the other spends on a failing welfare system, either way they spend money they create by sanctioning debt, and transferring this “debt” back to the people governed. The money created is not out of pure economy and real wealth, it is a method of debt and burden passed on to posterity. What I mean to say here is that I argue these two parties do not differ much in their fundamental ideological platforms, they only act differently in front of the populace in order for you and I to “feel” that we have someone on our “side”. Our representatives use a divided people against themselves to control everything. We have largely lost any real understanding of what real economy is. Simply, living and working and people cooperating with one another through Human Action. WE are the economy, the government only uses our efforts to control and rob us! We work for their money, and we die by and for their money!) This lack of critical thought and lack of foresight and the further reliance on the “experts” further fosters even deeper confusion about what the truth of economic and monetary stability actually is. This uncertainty in turn develops the false need for more interventionist as well as protectionist administration by the very governing bodies that are responsible for economic crisis to begin with. The people clamour to the government. The government serves itself.

In summary, the media’s participation in disseminating misinformation in support of a failing  political and economic system allows the effects of inflation and taxation somewhat ambiguous to most people. Leaving the average person perplexed as to the nature and cause of the economic and political failings happening around the world , as well as here in America. Generally speaking, the established mainstream media and their so-called “experts” perpetuate an ambiguous train of thought on political, financial and economic matters. This in turn supports poor investment and overly speculative capital movement, which those holders of concentrated money “wealth” and power gain from whichever direction the “market” fluctuates. Some people joyfully praise these super rich insiders as “investment” gurus, a subject I may cover in a later article, but I will go no further here.

I am certain that those of the mainstream media would argue the antithesis to my argument. But take care in considering their arguments, when the mainstream media experts argue their fallacies, they expose their bias by using a favored method of attack of opposing views: the discredit method. By using “discrediting” techniques along with incendiary rhetoric, for entertainment value, I’m certain, the media experts are rarely able to truly prove their arguments; arguments which would be better argued by merit alone. The media simply arouse the emotional levels of argumentation and stimulate the irrational side of the public, a public trained to not fully understand the full scope of the argument to begin with. Typically when someone has a weak argument they will usually resort to name calling, incendiary rhetoric and personal attacks of credibility.

The spread of government into the very lives of every person can only mean one thing in the end: subjugation. And those who deny this fact ought be questioned about their motives in doing so. They usually have something to gain by keeping things as they are.

The government-run education system also deserves some attention on the subject I am covering here, but due to the scope of what I am attempting in this post, that will have to wait for another article.

A bit on Inflation

The effects of inflation on your income are similar to the effects on prices…your income can eventually rise. This phenomena masks your real income, and many do not realize that ultimately as an employee, if you are working  to improve your ability to offer a better life for yourself and your family and community, before you know it you end up in the higher tax bracket. Your taxes go up and your real income go down through inflation and taxation increasing the real cost of living. Not only can you pay more in taxes by this method of monetary debasement, but the “money” mandated upon you to use as a medium of exchange, will also be robbed by inflation as you save it for future use, investment or emergency funds. Inflation, the other tax. Inflating the money supply. Think of the game of Monopoly, if the game goes long enough, and the bank runs out of money and you simply take money from an extra game box, what do you think will happen? The prices of property and rents go up, and incomes go up as well.  If in fact the mechanisms of inflation do not raise incomes and the economic growth rate remains low, we have stagflation. This further destabilizes the middle and lower classes. Income and employment go down and general prices go up. Stalling any method the average person employs to truly get “ahead”, economically speaking.

Many people believe that this phenomena is natural to money. Of course inflation, deflation and stagflation is natural only when the “money” you use is arbitrarily sanctioned by government as fiat. Many consider “fiat currency” any form of paper money, that is not actually the case. Fiat currency is not only mandated by decree of the government, but has no controls to its ability to remain stable. The government can use it, though only temporarily, to pay for the debt it incurs. Debt that you and I pay back through inflation, taxation and through the sale of public lands and other property; government selling its people and property out. Fiat money is not backed by a commodity or a precious metal, or any other mechanism to keep those in government from creating ‘money’ out of thin air to fund any social programs the power structure deems necessary regardless of what the people they represent want or need. Any time the government needs more money for any crisis, they simply “print” it. Or more precisely, they digitally load currency ‘values’ into a central banking system‘s balance sheet. See some of my links below to dig deeper into the money situation.

I believe that what we are witnessing is economic warfare. Economic warfare, a scorched earth method of global reorganization. Economic warfare is one way to camouflage expansion of power structures, and public ignorance toward Law, (specifically property laws), finance and economy, as well as political economy further propels the method.

Alright, now what?

This obviously cannot continue. Today, while there is plenty of evidence which supports why this is occurring and what the outcome will be, many people seem generally apathetic toward managing critical thought on the matter as though this situation will just simply work itself out. I think it will “work itself out”, just not in favor of the middle class or the poor, but for those in control as shown throughout history.

No politician will solve this problem either, they have too much at stake. When a true statesmen actually comes along and attempts to work out solutions, they are largely faced with the same gatekeepers of status quo that I am inadvertently speaking of when I speak of the media tools of government. They can eventually wind up out of a job as the system they may oppose has grown to large for any one political leader to solve. In some instances they may also expose themselves to the back-draft of treason committed as politicians are vulnerable to the wrath of the governed and their “vote”. Maybe this scenario explains so much focus on security. Who are the government securing, themselves or the people governed? Think about it: Are all the cameras for your security, or the security for those who own all the property? Seems to me that maybe we ought to have cameras and microphones on the politicians as opposed to our neighborhoods and intersections.

Constitutional Law needs examining, and adhering to. The Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence were the only contract which lent those in the American  government permission to protect and defend liberty. At least this was the purpose in the beginning. But today, with all the perversions of written law, the government does not to adhere to the laws that they impose on the people. The “healthcare” bill ought to have pointed that out to us. Although, sadly, it is not the first example of such contradiction to liberty. It was just the most recently blatant example of this government’s belligerent attitude toward liberty. When the law and administrative body of government exempts itself from its own laws, and the people allow it, the people governed expose themselves to pure subjugation! And when the people governed give consent by receiving any benefit created out of thin air by this government, it will further entrench the system which subjugate the people governed to begin with.

If our political leaders do not admit their complete malfeasance in regards to guarding liberty, and work to put most of themselves out of their current political “work”, back into the real working physical economy of Human Action and production*, this system will ultimately collapse and leave little to rebuild. Do you believe this will happen? I certainly hope so, but I think we are our only hope. We must demand it! So please don’t rely on television to bring you the answers, it’s the conduit of propaganda for the power structure, and our political leaders sold out to that power structure a long time ago. The power structure I mean are the governing bodies which bring social order to the general population: government and corporate and in some cases, religious bodies meshed together acting in their own interests. “He who fails to understand history will repeat it”- quoted in various ways by many of the world’s great thinkers.

* By production, I mean the real production of their own true work, as opposed to the “production” of taking from one hand and giving to another, and that this recipient of this act of benevolence by this agent of government, has no ability nor wish to do anything positive with such wealth, because he has not learned how to create wealth…it is merely handed to him in exchange for a vote and will be in perpetual debt for it.

Outside of donating what little money I can to those who are suffering around the world, there is very little else I can do to help people thousands of miles away who are suffering from the effects of natural disaster, or any other disaster. I think there are people better qualified to help monetarily in these instances than the average working person. If I were able to become very wealthy, I would then choose to build systems which teach others how to do the same. Or at least, leave examples of how I accomplished what I have in the open in order for others to choose to do the same, so long as government is not there to stop me. To me, wealth is more about time and freedom, not necessarily money.

But I would never ask government to force anyone to act in any way, for any reason. A community free to do business and govern themselves can help someone along in making the right decisions in life and business. Government intervention is the cause to so much economical instability. Government intervention leads to monopoly, protectionism and in turn, subjugation and oppression. These human manufactured disasters we experience, and are at this time in the process of, are avoidable and preparation is a good thing. I propose that prevention is a better choice than preparation. But this is a choice, and we all have choices to make. What will we choose? “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice…”-Rush. In other words, if you choose nothing, nothing is ultimately what you may end up with.

The nature of these perpetual cyclical economic crisis and their resulting controlled burn type global power structure shakeouts are avoidable through real education and human action through liberty and the laws that protect those liberties.


Understand what politicians mean when they mention “growth”; that what they ultimately mean is growth of government. Understand what quantitative easing is. Explore what inflation actually is. The study of Constitutional Law is something that can help people simplify an understanding of what limited government means. Study on the origins and the makeup of the American government. The fact that the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the original Bill of Rights are truly a contract between a government and its people. The current bifurcated and perverted American system of Law acts solely for corporate and government expansion. Is this what we truly want? Our government had limited powers in the beginning, understand why this is important. Gain an understanding of what freedom actually means and the responsibility it requires. Realize what decay actually is within a society and then study on whether politicians are the only corrupt parties involved. What is our role as a people in all of this?

Financial instability and collapse, depression, government growth toward socialist ideologies, short-lived golden eras, decay, society closing in, warfare and collapse, in whatever order, when is the time to demand something different from our leaders? From ourselves?

The world has once more reached a turning point. Are we truly aware of the direction that turning point will lead to? Do we actually understand history’s relevance in this regard? Do we care enough to do more? Regardless how insignificant each of our personal acts may seem, good or bad, they all add up and affect people little by little. Every bit of awakening counts. Every little ounce of energy by every single person toward a remedy to Humanity’s problems count. It all adds up. It is just time the people, and not governments, act through intelligent, rational, emotive and logical understanding. Renounce violence and vengeance. Begin again.


Totalitarianism, authoritarianism, whatever ism you can imagine…these ideologies begin with perversion of Law. Socialism is the embryonic stage of many deadly ideologies. Hitler’s Nazi Germany, Mussolini’s Fascist state in Italy, Mao’s China, Lenin and Stalin’s Soviet Empire, all the current dictators of regions such as much of Africa, America’s past acts against the indigenous people’s of this land, as well as institutions of slavery, it all starts with socialist, interventionist, protectionist intentions. These deadly institutions of government culminate not only from the governing bodies, but from the people governed. Conformity is blind complicity. What is our role as a people? We cannot change the past. We cannot pay back those harmed and destroyed in the past. What we can do is admit it, learn from it, respect this knowledge, and never repeat it.

All Humans are Brothers and Sisters whether we want to admit it or not. The differences in “color” and the fear that goes with it with the knowledge we have today is as absurd as absurdity gets. What delineates “difference” in color? What line is truly drawn between colors? I would say from a scientific perspective, that there is no real “line” defining difference between color at all. That colors blend into one another through the spectrum at the “edges” of each change in color.  Who is to say by now who may have had a “black” or “white” ancestor? And if we are actually taking about culture, difference in culture are what make us so unique and interesting, and that it is mostly fear, fabricated by governing power structures of any ilk and their desire for “enemies” to keep the governed divided, that makes for war and hate. We still look at each other today, and shamefully with all the ability to inform ourselves otherwise, we still fear one another, as though we all came from different  planets or something. We believe what the T.V. tells us what to fear, and without thinking, we buy it. And then we order a “slap-chop” to create a fun salad-making experience and forget all about our “enemies”.

Though many would be offended and would deny this, I am sure, but America began it’s journey toward socialism a long time ago. This direction has been in place for more than a century. Is America innocent of annihilating  a people toward its own nationalistic, collective end? Can it happen again? Do we consider how we live every day and how it effects the world, and how what we choose and its effects on the rest of the world eventually turns full circle to us? If we ignore what our leaders do, not only to us, but to other regions of the world, are we not complicit in our own eventual subjugation? Is our socialist system working? Or does it just need a few more adjustments to your liberty here and there and then we will have Utopia?

As hard as I have tried, I can find no real way to end this article. I only hope that this post raises enough questions to start dialogue. The sooner we begin to discus the realities we face, the sooner we admit what is happening and can search for solutions within ourselves as well as within our own communities. A central government can never solve the plethora of issues a locality faces. But it seems it will die trying…or take you and I and posterity down with it.

For more on the subject on money and liberty see my other articles: Finding Sound Money and Domestic Terrorism and Earning Good Money.

For a profound study on Law and its role in regards to liberty, read F. Bastiat’s  “The Law”.


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