What’s this all about?

Hi everyone, I wanted to invite you to a little quest and adventure in thought to change the way we think about our environment, be it material, immaterial, subconscious or otherwise. Our world and our place in it and what we can bring to the table is sort of the theme. So negative manifestations from external sources such as political, corporate, peer group and even religious doctrine need be checked at the door for a bit. Although we will explore those subjects, only from a perspective that is unlike what you might be accustomed. So please shed all your preconceived notions. Once we have changed the way we think, even just the slightest, we change the way we are and can improve our surroundings. Cognizance and openness is a must along with willingness to edify oneself, myself included. I hope that I too will learn something new here. Please come without a cup half full or a cup half empty. Instead, empty your cup.

And try not being easily offended. I do not intend to offend you or anyone, but I cannot stop you from experiencing any negative emotional manifestations if you are sensitive to critical thought on the harder discussions and opinions. All is not as it seems in the world when looking through the lens of television and its ‘programming’. Here I will attempt shake it up a little.

Alrighty then! Enough of the guru-style monologue! I am no guru, nor should anyone be looking for one. Just search within yourself and if you are like me, you know something is very wrong with our world and a positive turning point comes from human action. This turning point won’t come from philosophy or theories, although those are necessary studies that can help establish a fundamental edifice for any endeavor toward positive change. Notice I do not say “social change“? Leave that for the socialist and collectivists and their ideologies. I am talking about something that better resembles Praxeology. Or better yet  Human Action for the survival of Humanity in prosperity. Or maybe something more like what Buckminster Fuller said many times about advancing Human “livingry”. As opposed to just plain old survival, or what we are seeing today from the ‘establishment: nearly any new technology which could used for Bucky‘s “advanced livingry” is usually turned into advanced “killingry”. “Killingry” for profit. As well as mediocre “life products” which do not really upgrade when newer models are introduced, only to become rearranged cosmetically, to keep you and me consuming. Profit for profit’s sake as opposed to truly advancing the human condition. I understand some products are sort of static in utility. No need to split hairs there. Most of you who stick with me here will understand where I am coming from.

Join me in discussions on these and many other much-needed topics of discussion. Please get away from the television for a while and participate in what people of free minds ought to do to resolve life’s relentless issues. That would be talk, debate, reflect and even discuss through humor to illustrate interest in solving some of the world’s most pressing problems and search for solutions for humanity on the micro level as well as the macro level. Then act dammit!  To hell with futilitarian cynicism!

One more thing about who I am and the way I think.  I was recently in this very time-consuming situation, which in my line of work can get very expensive. I may have complained a little too loud about it (probably ought to have kept it to myself, as complaining out loud is to me a bit unprofessional) when a passing associate heard me and said,” Oh Steve, it could be worse.” And I abruptly responded, and maybe a bit too harshly: “It ought to be better!” I suppose I have a problem with ineffective, inefficient, uncreative and therefore time-wasting procedure employed by bureaucratic methods which tend to prevent solutions to problems in a timely manner. Urgency seems to have become somewhat obscured and undermined by hierarchical protocol in far too many situations today. I want to change that. Do I want to effect change by defiance and recalcitrance? No, that is counterproductive, and not what I am suggesting. I would like to bring change by no longer ignoring the problems we face on a day-to-day basis out of fear of incrimination. I would like to think that we could force change by positive inventive action. Ingenuity I suppose, just be mindful of the rules that surround you. There is a way to bring profound change by the simplest of actions, and not get fired or thrown in jail…be an example of high standard first. Be clever and creative, but mindful of the rules…you never know, you may effect the ‘rules’ in a positive way. That is the fundamental purpose of what I am doing: Change the rules by positive, critically thought out, creative action!

Thank you for viewing! And thanks even more for commenting. Just please, one last thing, be cool about it and make it count! I am going to constantly be updating and adding to this blog. I am going to add some fun stuff, and just general information that will be on the lighter side for when you get tired of my deep thinking shenanigans! I hope this is a positive profound and fun experience for everyone! Also, I am my editor so if you catch a typo, or maybe a problem for whatever reason, just let me know, I’ll get it fixed ASAP! I love suggestions! So please throw in some comments!

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  1. Great job Steve i think your on the right track bro
    i will have some comments in the near future “REALLY

  2. Looking good.
    Thanks for putting some of the term links within your writings, I think it helps a lot. Now write something I don’t agree with so I can reply with something mean.

  3. Looking forward to your plans…. You have the passion, let’s see what is next!!!

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