Mission Statement

The main purpose of this blog is to produce positive thought, vision and solutions to Humanity’s  most pressing issues around the world. Then put them to action! It is my intention to pull this from as unbiased a standpoint as humanly possible. This will be a feat in of itself due to the fact that all humans have bias based upon religious, cultural, political, educational, ethical, scientific and theoretical backgrounds as well as just being human and we at times prematurely place judgment before critical thought. It is natural to act human, but with self-discipline, patience and guidance we can overcome all our obstacles. 

My bias is generally of a Classical Liberal perspective. This is just so you understand where my fundamental train of thought will come from and be referenced to regularly. Therefore I am not a contemporary liberal nor conservative. Read “Why I am Not a Conservative” by F.A. Hayek for more on the conservative thing.

“Individuals are intelligent, people are stupid.”- I don’t know who’s quote that is but I remembered it. It makes me reflect on the propensity for group thought to become the “mob” mentality, or the “Hive Mentality” mentioned in Jaron Lanier‘s book “You Are Not a Gadget”. A great read, I recommend it for those who have an interest in a different way of thinking about the internet and technology.

Here’s another quote I enjoy repeating:

“Take control of your life and something terrible happens, you have no one to blame.”- Again, I cannot remember. It is something I read in Chris Guillebau’s book “The Art Of Non-Conformity”. A cool read for those who would like to read about shaking it up and doing something great!

Here, there is no right and there is no left. Sometimes we are right and sometimes we are wrong. No one is ever either only one nor the other. There is Humanity and the resolutions that exist from within in all crisis. Just be sure the ‘solutions’ we find are not harmful to posterity. The easy way is not always best.

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