Fear and the Consequence of the Mob

From economic calamity to terrorism, societal fears engender the very events we abhor within the constructs of our imagination. What we fear beget the product of our fear. Societal fear is the architect of superstition and the resulting institutions of control. These superstitions and the institutions built upon them engender irrational behavior within society as well as within the governing bodies of society; the harmful effects of these irrational human behaviors multiply geometrically through these institutions.

The products of fear range from the seemingly benign fear of the dark and the paralysis it creates in the child, something that most people are able to overcome by adulthood, to the more malignant fear of bogeyman, and the resulting institutions of war and so-called security. It is interesting that a society of critical thinkers may regard these two systems as homogenous; government propaganda contorts the meaning of war and security into a singular means to the promise of peace and prosperity. This train of thought is an obvious contradiction, but the fears and collective rationale of these institutions of thought and the mob-like nature of so-called democracy render these facts a distortion and create enemies of those who question the ‘authorities’ on such subjects.

This brings us to the powers of democracy and the mob-like dangers it engenders. The resulting fear of a mob renders any real debate or argument against such institutions a dangerous affair for those who may attempt any argument against such institutions; placing these institutions of thought in perpetuity and out of harmony with any real sense of freedom or liberty.

Perpetual and fixed fears rely upon ignorance and the manifestations of the human imagination. These fixed manifestations of the majority eventually acquiesce into the hands of the state and the institutions of warfare and into a police state as exemplified in America and Europe especially since the events of 911.

From government to religion, the institutions of man rely upon fear to control society. To control the masses. To stabilize, control, manage, administer, police, rule, govern, etc. Stability is an anomaly in of itself when considering subjective societal affairs such as economy and value. See Mises on Stability, part#4 of the link page.

Fear is of course a natural condition of man, and many fears are rational and understandable. If it were not for fear man would have died off a long time ago; e.g., fear of where his next meal will come makes man go out and find a way to get it. This is a very simple and real example and needs no further explanation to the critical thinker.

But irrational fear as a mechanism employed by the state is another situation. Fear of economic disaster, a fear coddled by the very institutions which have attempted the stabilization and control of economy, is for the most part an irrational behavior when studied in a specific light. This is a bit complicated and I’ll explain in brevity. Contemporary society fears economic disaster, but clamors to the very institutions which have ‘regulated’ and attempted control of economy for more than a century: government and incidentally the central banks and the corporate entities which follow. Unable to see that it is the result of this intervention and attempt at controlling economy that is the cause of its current failings and ultimate demise. See my other article Laissez-Faire Hallucinations.

If you read the link provided above “Mises on Stability”, you can see the problem with this thinking on any control of economical means, but I’ll expand in my own words. Human action and society is a perpetual system of change. A system engendered through the necessities of every day life and the desires of people who have a need to make their lives better. This is a right conferred upon humanity by the immutable reality of everyday Human life and living, this unchangeable part of society’s perpetual change. If society stifles in a system of so-called stability, change in accordance to economic necessity cannot occur naturally. This seems like a contradiction, and I agree, but it ought to exemplify the need for a very limited government, as government has no way of dealing with these realities without introducing corruption and despotism into the so-called order of all things Human. It is this “stability” socialism so strives for, and this is a futile and dangerous mistake; it procures unnatural obstacles to everyday Human life and economy and is completely unsustainable. Laws ought support the right for people to change their circumstances due to their needs, under the understanding that these changes are not at the cost of other lives or future lives. But also, this “cost” cannot be arbitrarily dictated by representatives who are not held to the same standards and provisions of such laws and customs.

Again, none of this is to say that much of what contemporary man fears is completely irrational and unsound in principle. The results of the reaction to these fears as well as their origin are the main focus here. The laws which attempt stability and control based upon such fears. Are they the result of propaganda, i.e., exaggerations of a media system designed to perpetuate the powers of the state?

One question of many is, are these manifestations creating a mob nation? Searching the world over for monsters? Turning the entire world into a police state? Where the so-called “security” system implicates the very people who buy  the idea of security; -or in the least, pay for this system, one way or another through coercion, whether they “buy” into the idea or not- as this system places focus on them, the masses, who pay for this “security” through taxation and the loss of dignity, liberty and property.

All the while the corrupt nature of world leaders and politicians becomes more and more obvious and undeniable with every passing news day. Man is not infallible, and majorities even less so, therefore this is but another example of the need for very limited government. It is for this reason that what America had been once, a Constitutional Representative Republic, as opposed to what we have today: a socialist democracy on the verge of collapse. Never mind the corrupt political acts employed around the world through the behaviors of corporations, banks and government acting in concert on their own behalf under the guise of benevolence, safety and security; the Orwellian perpetual warfare of the last hundred plus years and the countless economic depressions, wars, manipulations and interferences of the most basic and fundamental requirement of Human activity: economy. The plethora of news stories of molestation, drugs, infidelity, prostitution, lewd behavior, etc., by political and world leaders are an everyday news flash. And these are the people in control of your safety, security, prosperity and peace?

Seems these leaders have made you and I the focus of suspicion and of assumed criminal behavior. Big Brother, the ubiquitous government doing surveillance on every physical and non-physical move you and I make. And the corporate institutions which make big money supporting such activity. Your movements, your banking activities, transactions, email, digital phone use, etc., all acts of which undermine several parts of the Bill of Rights expounded within the very contract which lends American government the ability to govern, the Constitution for the United States of America. Does this mean that we are no longer a party to the constitution? Are our governments incrementally taking our rights away? Who does this government represent now? Who is afraid of who? And this would be my real question: Who is watching the obvious crooks who run this whole show? This creature is only in its embryonic stage, and it is already rearing its ugly monstrous head, and yet we do nothing.

This situation, doomed to miserable failure as none of this activity is economically and socially sustainable in the long run, will more than likely eventually culminate into war.

Seems to me this government is aware that its “plans” are not going to make a lot of people very happy. This, in my thought process, is the very reason so much emphasis is now placed upon so-called security. The government is protecting itself from you and I. Fear.

I digress, but what do you think public employees unions protect government employees from? The voters, you and I. But we depend upon these state and federal employees to build bridges and roads and schools, right? I ask, why? This line of thinking precludes the free market from entering into these lines of work. Business has built within it requirements of getting a job done efficiently, otherwise the business will fail, the State has no such mechanisms. My contention has merit simply by looking at the protections the government has safeguarded against the governed,  you and I (the real free market), right under our noses all along.

Fear and irrationality do their bidding, and we give tacit consent by allowing such infringements upon us. And we understandably do so out of fear of the mob institutions created by this so-called democracy. The IRS, DEA, ATF, USDA, CPS, FDA, TSA, Homeland Security, etc., are the agents of this mob democracy and you would be hard-pressed to argue otherwise with all these and many other institutions of control in place by government. These few mentioned institutions of government act in an arbitrary manner and are seemingly above the constitutional laws which lend them their “limited” powers. But overcoming this fear is the only way to turn things around.

Sooner or later Human Action must and will prevail. But will it be at the cost of much bloodshed and decimation of our environment? Or do we posses the capacity to revolt without violence? Have we evolved enough, or has God created an intelligent enough species to use our intellect to tear away the institutions of fear once and for all? Evolution, creation, alien infiltration,whatever your beliefs, do we posses the capacity to set aside our normal and perpetual superficial differences and truly adapt to our ever-changing environment? Or do we intend to annihilate ourselves in some perverted hope to start all over again? I have my doubts either way. But I also do have hope that we can flourish beyond a planet of Waring races through patience, critical thought, understanding, empathy and wisdom.

In conclusion, what right have we to permanently force our protracted fears into the institutions of government and onto posterity based upon what we fear now? The manifestations of the multitudes, the mob. Expounded upon the future by corruptible men, to extinguish the flame of Humanity and relegate all to a future of imprisonment and desolation. What right have we to do such a stupendous and horrendous act upon posterity? In the name of peace and security? Current rationale dictates and perpetuates the duplicitous results of fear, and we act as a mob to the future of all Humanity. Who are we to do such a thing?

Some may read this and say that I am using fear as my guide, or that I am using fear as the template of my conviction, that I contradict myself. I will preempt this possible conjecture and state with profound passion that it is the courage of my conviction that fuels these words and that fear would delay or prevent my doing so!