What if…

What if you were the only one thinking of a solution to a problem? No really, what if that was true? Every now and then you find yourself upset about something in society, and you think it is largely ignored and you would like to see change, or in the least, awareness brought to this problem or possible crisis. Would you try to convince people one by one that there is something wrong? What if you managed to get more and more people on-board with your line of thinking and you became an activist with a following? What would your message be? Would you trigger people’s alarm mechanism and generate fear to get them to change? What values would you communicate to offer a satisfactory result in your activism? What do you offer?

These are only a few of the questions that come up when you suddenly become aware of something that you believe needs attention. I would myself always add the question:

What’s the up-shot of even knowing about a specific problem or crisis which may or may not affect someone or many people directly? Something that is possibly so out of the realm of a particular person or group’s current imagination and train of thought that they cannot even imagine any utility in your endeavor. What then is it that you offer as a practical solution or remedy to this problem?

Once you have answered some or all of those questions you are left with now finding resolution among the masses. How you go about this will decide whether your ‘revolutionary’ thinking will survive the onslaught of mediocrity and possibly fall to decay. Or worse still, your message gets out only to become devoured by a mob of unprepared, angry people of a similar ilk who are quick to grab up your idea and pervert it so much that it becomes dangerous. Or another possibility, you wind up inadvertently pushing some other person or group’s ideology which shares similarities to yours only far more radical and ill-conceived therefore harmful to your cause. There are examples of this throughout history.

Ultimately what I am asking is this: Does your ‘movement” create hysteria? Or does it calmly find solutions for Humanity? The way you go about your activism is sometimes far more harmful to your own cause if your plan of execution is not well thought out. Determine all the possible angles and plan your strategy accordingly. You’ll end up with far better results for yourself as well as all who are involved.