About me

I have an idea. It is not easy to articulate without many subjects being explored. But much of what I intend to convey should trigger some thought on the fundamentals of Human Advancement through positive action, Human Action. 

If you have ever wondered why by now, we have not moved past certain antiquated systems of living. Why the human condition keeps repeating itself throughout history in a series of cycles? Why we are seemingly entering into another dark age of fear and anxiety? Why does humanity seem to just come so close to a time when there is enough technology and information to solve nearly any problem humanity can conceive only to wind up in ‘crisis’ mode, then after which society begins closing in and governments begin expanding and wars seemingly self-perpetuate?

I call it “surface dwelling”. Where an overwhelming majority only look at the surface of subject matter. Floating around aimlessly within the prevailing winds. Largely forgetting the anchor of knowledge we all own which keeps us secured in a sea of ever-expanding, ebb and flowing information.

The counter-revolution of information in the prevailing winds pull from your emotional side. The side which says “fight or flight”. Our reactive, irrational side which forgets what we know and sends us blindly down into the abyss of the unknown. Fear and ignorance, accompanied with the “hive mind” that we witness in some places on the internet, are a product of this phenomena. The mob. The embryonic makeup of war and self-destruction.  I’ll add, the internet is also at a crossroad to the opposite of this phenomena. A positive turning.

I am going to explore much of those prevailing winds of doom and counter as much of it as possible. By using a bit of an obscure method of elucidation I will hopefully generate critical thought in these subjects and help bring perception and vision to the quest of solving problems as opposed to cauterizing society and leaving people jaded, giving up any hope of a future worth dreaming of here on Earth. I hope to not create but counter cynicism and apathy.

As I have no Ivy league diplomas or certificates or any other ‘credentials’ of that sort, I can only hope you have a strong enough feeling about me to employ the thoughts that I share here as well as tolerate the methods I use within this endeavor, should you have enough interest to do so.

My studies are in economics, political economy, money, banking, investment (as opposed to speculation and gambling), psychology, marketing, among other interests such as art, music, literature, evolving education, education based on nurturing multiple talents, theology, and social patterns and interfaces.

My personal biases ( I know, I am not supposed to have any, I am Human) are going to mainly be in the area of government (and the necessity for its limits), money, banking, economics, political economy and the argument for liberty as well as the free market enterprise system as opposed to the state and its tendrils of subjugation.

I have studied extensively from the Austrian school of thought the Ludwig Von Mises institute and have studied much of the works  (but not limited to) of F. A. Hayek.  I also have studied many of Buckminster Fuller‘s works, who could in many ways be considered the antithesis thinker to that of Hayek. I have studied many writings of some of the world’s great thinkers. But I ask that you not judge me on the bias I mention, I only mention this because I want openness about where it is I come from.

So I humbly ask that you trust in my integrity and ability to excite your adventurous  side with a little of what I call ‘pessimistic optimism’ or ‘optimistic pessimism’…whatever, and start thinking of what it is we can bring to the table of humanity.

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