What the? Here I go again!

Why have I not covered what I really want to talk about yet? Life, friends, family,  living, art, fun, working for your own means, rewarding yourself and those around you with your creative inspiration, whatever they might be. Community, as a sum of people with free will and integrity as their guide.

For me, I simply want the time and energy to study, make music, and build an economy of my own within my community. My physical community as well as my cyber community, without government and their myriad of agents and accompanying legal-ease stealthily thwarting my every attempt at living a self-sufficient life. To be Human. To be free. To live by my free will and not the will imposed upon me by every possible institution of man.

I mean, all I really want to do is be happy and share that happiness. But how can I feel content in this world of corporate and government-run everything? I mean really, has anyone been paying any real attention? Is anyone really looking around at what little so-called quality of life we actually have left? Just what are we doing letting our souls be yoked by the machinery of despotic “globalism”? Are our minds and bodies so weary that we cannot stand and end all this B.S.? Why on earth do we continue to do nothing? To just keep bending over, over and over, paying more and more with our own labor, into a government controlled system of pure failure; a “welfare” system, systematically and endlessly throwing money at people whom due to the mechanisms of this forced benevolence, only multiply like rabbits. I often wonder that if the real natural laws of economy were in place, laws that lie within non-coerced human action, more people might have a better judgement of how many children they can raise, and we would not ever have a need to consider any socialist version of population control, let alone “welfare”. Our inaction is what keeps the machinery in place. Sooner or later this system as it is all coming down, one way or another. In case no one has noticed, the process has already begun.

I think some people regard “quality” of life, the ability to shop endlessly for crap they don’t need. All the while their kids are out drinking and doing dope, or who knows what, like “sexting” moments their own of poor judgement which they captured on their own smart-phone, recording it and sharing it no less. Something these lost kids will most likely live to regret later. Anything, I suppose, to put an end to boredom and lack of any real stimulation. Children mostly unchallenged by the government controlled, failing education system…one of the many failing government-run systems. But seriously, exposing yourself, how creative and intelligent.

But at the same time state agencies compel parents to do nothing, as this “system” teaches us that we have no control over our own children, that the state has the ultimate power and control. Should you try undermining the state, just watch what happens, you could have your children kidnapped by CPS, or you could be kidnapped by the police. Click this one small example.

I wonder if the only standard that America is willing to fight for is the socialistic version of “equality”, equality mandated by socialism which engenders envy and the accompanying mob mentality we see in the news today when any particular group is about to lose their “benefit package”. Benefits which are completely derived from the theft of another group, within an unsustainable chaotic economic system of coercion, decay, theft and bribery. Equality forced by government created delusions of iniquity…how interesting. Think about this folks, and without getting too far into the politics of unions, unions in the private sector are by design, at least in theory, to “protect” the worker from the employer. State unions are by design to protect the “worker” from their employer, the “tax payer”.

I’ll also take this opportunity to point out an absurdity on the part of socialism. Right now, in 2011, students are attending the union protest and sit-in in Wisconsin. Aren’t these the same students who oppose increases in student tuition? Hmmm… now there’s and interesting concept in economic theory.

All I know is we are out of touch with reality. There is so much available to us, and yet we let those who “represent” us keep it from us for our own “protection”, and we act like nothing matters, that everything will be A O.K.

So long as we have the luxury of acting like idiots, not giving a damn about anything but our own “stuff” and how much more useless crap we can gather, I suppose nothing will change and we may only have ourselves to blame. Those available luxuries are going to become dramatically less available, and soon, I guarantee it. Maybe that will bring back the intuition and resourceful attitude once endowed by America.

Who knows? But to the contrary, I believe more and more people continue to realize that things are getting worse in many ways, but better in many other ways at the same time. It’s just hard to find the better news because the mainstream networks do not cover it much. Maybe it’s because we all seem to only care about drama. It’s what we want to watch that the networks give. At least this is what the number crunchers at the networks think. But network viewership has been in decline since the 80’s and supposedly being replaced by cable. I would argue otherwise, and so I will.

Let’s look at how many bloggers there are now, that takes a lot of time away from the American past-time of watching TV, as I write these blogs, and put a quite bit of time and thought into them, I also read other blogs by people who do the same. I spend around two or more hours a day reading and studying on many of the subjects I am passionate about so I feel qualified to debate about much of what I bring up in my blog. I also find many ideas from other people stimulating and reassuring, and that humanity can and more than likely will prevail. I only hope it is not at the illusory controls of our current governing powers-that-be that continue to control the process.

Spend some time with some of the free information you can find on the internet and study away! Just be sure to qualify the websites you spend time on. Misinformation is plentiful on-line, so be very careful, backup as much as possible through critical thought and study.

I’ve said this before, but try to gain an understanding of what the politicians are up to as much as possible. By understanding that when you “vote”, you ultimately give consent to whatever these politicians do. Of course I am not saying do not vote, if that’s what you think matters, go ahead. I am talking about making change through human action. Vote by how you live and go about your business.

Some of what you may want to do is more than likely “illegal”, with thousands of laws on the books who knows jack anyways? But the real question is: is what it is that you want to do unlawful? This is seemingly only a semantic issue and very touchy subject by attorneys and those practicing  the “legal” profession. And I will disclaim that I am not a lawyer and I am not attempting to get people in trouble with the law, but my definition of illegal is real: “Contrary to or forbidden by law or statute”.

But by “unlawful” I consider this more in the constitutional sense. In other words, our government in America, from the Federal government all the way down to the local municipalities, gains only limited powers, and that ONLY by the limited powers contracted within the original organic Constitution for The United States, with the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, (the first Ten amendments). And that any statute, legislation or otherwise, regardless of its given quality of protection or security, is unlawful if it acts contrary to the limited powers granted to American government. And that no agent of American government can write law which precludes government agents from the laws written thereof. Bouvier’s Common Law Maxims provides insight into how American law was supposed to be written and carried out.

So sooner or later, you realize that nearly anything you do, and may want to do, is already illegal and that when your back is up against the ropes, you may have to fight your way out! If everyone agrees to fight back by our actions, sooner or later the fight goes the other way and the underdog actually realizes that a little confidence is all it takes to win a fight.

As we know, it’s all a big lie anyways at this point. We keep waiting around all our lives for something to change. And then we realize that it is only the actions of every person that brings positive change, not the politicians. So it’s within what we choose through our own free will and integrity that really counts. Your vote…not so much, not so long as a corrupted system is in place. Vote if you want, but I say: Go act on something you are passionate about!

Go plant your garden regardless of SB-510. Keep going to the farmers market to buy or sell your veggies and buy meats from local ranchers. Write articles about what to do with your extra earned ever-depreciating cash, such as buying precious metals or other currencies, or investing in real capital, YOU. Write about life in general and with passion. Compose music that is far different and open from what you hear on the radio or the “canned” stuff playing in the grocery store. Make your own art, whatever it is. Teach your children right from wrong (it’s not as ambiguous as many make it out to be), but let them be kids at the same time. If you are not happy with the school system, commit to teaching them at home, it has its rewards. Recognize and nurture the talents your children have, even the seemingly smallest of talent can bloom into something wonderful for everyone. Don’t take your freedom for granted, assert yourself when you realize your ability to act on the behalf of your own free will is imposed upon by another and do not be afraid to do so. Challenge the way things are, if you disagree with them, and do something positively opposite. If something is getting you down, figure out just what it is and do something about it! This blog is part of my process. Carry your passions with you and never allow those who are the keepers of things as they are to force you to leave them behind you.

And now I’m going to learn to play piano. I invested some money in a keyboard set and I can take lessons for free right here on my computer. And no one can stop me! Maybe I do something sinister like play my guitar too! Maybe I practice some “devil’s intervals“, HA! Maybe next I go and buy some organic unpasteurized milk…OH MY!

To be or not to be, that is the question.


The Fool and His Ship

Would someone say you are the fool in the quotation : ” A fool and his money soon parted.”

Or the fool in: “The fool encumbered by what he thought was money soon departed.”

Is the “money” you get paid for your work of value?

The use of money and its utility is not constant, in fact under our current system our currency (no pun intended) is diminishing in value at a constant pace. Far more rapidly since 2008 then at any time since the 1970’s. The price of gold is a good example of  the dollar’s depreciating value. The intrinsic value of gold is not really going up, its price in terms of fiat currency is going up…rapidly. This inflationary problem is also largely hidden in many ways. One being the quality the products we buy and use every day. You may not see the price  of every product go up, but you do see its quality and life span deteriorate requiring we replace them more often or consume more than we would otherwise.

What may happen…

Show me daaa... money?

The current crisis is worse not only on the inflationary side, but at the political level, and I am not talking about the obvious. Many will think of California and other states like Wisconsin and think of political

‘fallout’ as in the departure of specific political office holders at the behest of the voters. This is more likened to a global governmental shakeout! The fallout is going to determine several things. One of which would be who will be the world leader and what will happen to the dollar. Well, at least some of this is nothing more than speculative at this time, but I’d say that many can guess with a fair amount of accuracy, that America and the dollar are no longer #1! Funny how the ‘system’ is seemingly in constant ‘crisis’ and we keep employing the same methods, over and over  to remedy them.  Hmmm…(scratching head) Sorry, I digress again. But please bear with me, this stuff is all connected. I’ll get back to my original point.

Think about it for a moment…

In quote #1 I spoke of a fool and his money parting. What is not so obvious in the quote is that many people may not understand what money is and what money is not. If you and your ‘currency’ are parting, fine! Get rid of it as fast as you can before you get robbed by inflation. But what about saving? Well saving cash is like trying to save lettuce, it’s extremely perishable. So long as we allow government to hold us to it by mandate, and government continues to print it to pay for the obligations it contracts to fulfill, this will be the case.

So better to figure out what to turn it into. I don’t want to call this move investing yet because it is merely the act of maintaining your store of wealth. “Investing” is more about true capital than paper. This is the antithesis of what the established current Keynesian doctrine tells us to believe. But, whatever…another subject I’ll cover later.

This brings us to quote #2. The fool and what he thought was money departing because he believed everything was going to remain as it was. I wonder if when the guys who jump out of a window during a market crash ever realize on the way down that the problem of money is actually a fairly easy fix, if they put their minds to it instead of through the cement?

For the most part, it’s all funny money anyway, right? So why jump out a window? Take the slap and figure it out. And why we should ever think that the government’s role is to “fix” markets to begin with is a stretch anyways. Seems to me the “fix” is in, and the jig is up!

O.K., to sum a little of this up as much as I can in such a short article, here goes. Hopefully you aren’t more confused by this than you may have been before.

As the money crisis continues to bring continued instability and with this instability the growth of government as well as corporations* seemingly controlling nearly every aspect of our lives, what is one to do? First off start considering what money is and what you spend it on, how much you save or “invest” as well as where you spend most of your time.

* I am not attacking all corporations, some truly do their best to bring value. Under the circumstances this is not an easy task.

Do it, and don’t delay!

Consider maybe investing in yourself and your own business. Or even just a small side business. Search for information about whatever you might have an interest in and educate yourself. What are you passionate about? What are you great at? What do you want to do? What do you enjoy doing? These are just a few examples of what you could invest your time into. Consider a venture on your own. This could be taking a hobby or a pastime activity you and your family and friends enjoy and turning it into something great! Everything you do is an investment turned business venture. Just think creatively and ignore the gatekeepers, they will attempt to not allow you to pass through the barriers they use to protect themselves, as well as to protect status quo. Also remember that some gatekeepers are merely attempting to keep you from experiencing success, as they may have never had success. Misery loves misery, so stay away from negativity! If you’ve heard that before, I say it again!

Consider this quote by Jim Rohn:

“A good objective of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well and to help those who are doing well to do even better.”

How can you bring leadership to what you do and turn it into something positive?

Build something darn it! And don’t be a fool…

There is a fool in all of us at one point or another. We can learn and succeed or just be fools and keep doing the same crap over and over. Stay off the ship of fools and get out and build another ship.